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  • prototype
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Torch is an app that rewards getting off the couch with a collective experience, shared information, and a sense of belonging. Explore more, share more, learn more. We all deserve to know those little secrets, tips, and warnings, and have the drive to discover them everywhere we go.

The mobile app marketplace is saturated with almost every conceivable idea, which is what made Torch something that, ironically, is effortlessly unique. I set out to conceptualize an app that incentivized the virtues that have weakened in our interconnected society. By creating a system that rewards users for exploring, while luring them to the next discovery, it effectively makes people more intentional and social. Half game, half utility, Torch uses a natural color palette with bright accent colors. Its user interface uses the map as the focal point for action. Whether the user is dragging down from the top to view their user profile, pulling up from the bottom for options and settings, or force-touching the center to place a new torch, it all revolves around the user’s current location—the focal point.

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