• concept
  • brand
  • packaging
  • environmental/experiential design
  • motion graphics


Temper is positioned as a legitimate competitor to Apple Music and Spotify, offering a streaming platform for serious music enthusiasts as well as services like "Vinyl Box" for LP collectors. With exclusive concert offers, inside industry news, and transformative social integration for listeners, Temper demanded a brand that stood out and didn't mess around.

The prompt for this project was to develop a brand that could stand on its own and compete. The logo, an abstract representation of reverberating sound waves, paired with sturdy type sets the tone for the entire brand. A bold color palette which uses a punchy warm red, catches the eye. Dot patterns, reminiscent of audio wave form grids, can be used in print applications and environmental situations as supporting elements.

The Vinyl Box packaging was completed as a design for experience. A deep black box with tight edges and a subtly embossed logo opens and slowly reveals the contents. Laser cut panels, with the dot grid pattern, fold out. Personalized pamphlets explain the record included, and the LP sits in the bottom protected by foam padding.

The launch party invitation is a mysterious small jewelry case-sized box that opens to reveal a series of cards featuring prominent artists of varying genres. The final cards introduce the Temper platform and invite the opener to a launch party. Beneath these, a pair of wireless headphones are nestled, an irresistible lure to the event. 

The environmental strategy package for Temper's headquarters features exterior and interior signage concepts which follow the brand's bold and modern voice. Shameless big type, patterns, and installations create an environment that is true to Temper, music's home. Physical prototypes were built for the room signage strategy as well as a backlit sign – a 3'x3' panel, with over 3,000 holes drilled with a CNC router, painted, and then mounted with custom LED backlighting.

The animated ad spot follows a brief narrative journey. Sequentially, glitch-revealed type spells out the statement "a new music platform for people who love ... music." Next, the three pillars of the brand are revealed: social, personal, and unlimited. 

Rapidly revealing and glitched type, synced to the beat of the track,  is overlaid on top of scenes of life effected by music: a young boy dancing on a subway, a drummer aggressively playing, and a crowd sharing a concert experience.

After the pillars, an audio visualizer zooms in on screen and the logo pops up. "A new kind of music platform" is reiterated, and the ad wraps up with the logo flashing dramatically. 

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