studio design center


  • data collection
  • brand
  • signage design
  • materials study
  • mockups
  • presentation booklet


Challenged to create a comprehensive brand and environmental design strategy for the design center on JMU’s campus, I first set out to gather research. After studying foot-traffic patterns, usage of the building, notable issues, and opportunities, I developed a set of analytical graphics and crafted a problem statement to guide the development of the project. 

To address the issues and needs appropriately, the design had to embrace the nature of the building, be functional by design, and appeal to students studying multiple design disciplines. After numerous iterations and studies, I developed an identity that was true to the building’s purpose and even innate architecture, using materials and colors reminiscent of the work being done within. The final deliverable was a complete set of signage, renovation, and branding plans from exterior to interior that together solved the problems posed by the assignment. Furthermore, the final proposal crafted what the facility lacked so desperately; a personality that lived up to students’ standards.

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