Tanner Ashton Leslie - Interdisciplinary Design

STRōK Accessories Co.


As a GRPH306 project at JMU, we were tasked with finding a Dollar Store item with poor packaging. The goal was to upscale the product and add significant shelf value solely through design. A complete "back to the drawing board" approach began and over 4 weeks a cohesive new brand, product image, and packaging solution were crafted.

The Methods

Intensive image, type, color, and competitor studies helped guide the creative process toward an original, shelf-disruptive look.

The brushes themselves were hand-dipped in a gloss "brand red" for a pop of color on the product to match the brand's energy. 

The logo was laser-etched into each brush handle, further reinforcing the mark on the product itself.

A pillow-style box was prototyped through numerals trials, refined, printed, and built.

The Idea

The Strōk Accessories Co. rebrand breathed aggressive new design into a product that lacked value and shelf-presence. Through the use of clean and bold Swiss typographic methods, a recognizable and minimal color palette, and reinforced brand elements on the product itself, a $1 paintbrush was upscaled to a high quality artist brush that could hang on a tag of at least $10.

Using Format