• rebrand
  • design
  • dieline
  • laser etching
  • packaging production


Strok is positioned as a high-end art and design supplier. Targeting discerning and well-earning creatives, Strok provides tools that are crafted with care and designed for professional use. 

Tasked with rebranding an item from a dollar store to increase value and selling point, I stripped this paint brush product back to its base and built it back up from scratch. Extensive competitor and market research was done to survey the current market’s strong players and challenges. The new product would be targeted toward artists that demanded a higher quality brush with more reliable results.

A brand story was crafted, a logo and identity was designed with strong, sleek attributes and a color scheme of bright red and black, giving the brand a clear identifier on the shelf.

A “pillow” box dieline was drawn to house the brush, the handle was laser engraved with the new logo, and the handle received a bright red paint dip, giving it a distinctive signature.

The final product was an upscale artist’s brush that stood out among its competitors with key differences and market advantages. After the redesign, this product could be priced at $10, a 1000% increase in value.

The Idea

The Strōk rebrand breathed aggressive new design into a product that lacked value and shelf-presence. Through the use of clean and bold Swiss typographic methods, a recognizable and minimal color palette, and reinforced brand elements on the product itself, a $1 paintbrush was upscaled to a high quality artist brush that could hang on a tag of at least $10.

Using Format