• concept
  • photo manipulation
  • design


Originally branded by Michael Bierut's team at Pentagram, "New York at its Core" is a permanent exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York. Highlighting the city's 400-year history, the exhibit aims to expose and unpack what is at the core of New York.

Poster design, being an already incredibly saturated body of works, poses a challenge in standing out amongst the rest. Moreover, avoiding clichés surrounding New York City can also be difficult.

I began by manipulating printed skyline imagery of the city and scanning it until I achieved the desired distorted and textured effect. This imagery was used in a composition that is meant to induce a feeling of verticality. The words "NEW YORK AT ITS CORE," the title of the exhibition, wrap around the poster in a dimensional format so as to imply they make up the descending walls of a deep hole (looking to the core) or the ascending walls of a tall skyscraper (admiring the scale of the city). The center of the poster lists the title of the exhibition in a more legible format but ghosted back so as to still create a "void' in the middle of the poster. Dates, context, and info are listed within a grid at the bottom of the poster.

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