invisible cities


  • photography
  • type manipulation
  • print production


Experimenting with type's structure, organization, and presentation is one of the best ways to illustrate complex ideas. This is why type is so powerful and vital for design.

In this project, a literary analysis was performed of Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities", extracting the key concepts in certain chapters. A photographic study, inspired by these concepts helped to drive the next phase of the project: a typographically inspired booklet, re-imagining a chapter of "Invisible Cities."

The goal was to viscerally illustrate this chapter with photography and type. A monospaced typeface was chosen for its malleability. Photographs inspired by the chapter's themes of abandonment and emptiness are placed within larger, abstracted letters, which spell "INV CITY" over the course of the book. The text of the chapter is sculpted across the pages, manipulated in areas to reflect what is occurring in the story at that moment. Whether it be with scale, color inversion, stacking, or numerous other methods, the type is liberated from its default confinement to help tell a story.

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