eero saarinen showcase


  • concept
  • prototyping
  • design
  • print production


Tasked with creating an engaging, mailable invitation for a three-dimensional designer, I chose Eero Saarinen. Saarinen was a neo-futurist architect that brought us the St. Louis Arch, Washington Dulles International Airport, TWA Terminal 5, and the renowned "womb" chair, among others. His designs are known for swooping curves, symmetry, and expansive size.

I set out to create a mailed poster that breaks the two-dimensional plane with a "pop-out" swoop that mimics Saarinen's designs. The only accent color used is a warm red, also reminiscent of his use of muted neutral tones with pops of red (e.g. the "womb chair, TWA Terminal 5"). Die-cut pop-out curves can be removed by the recipient and inserted following the directions to "build" the poster.

In addition to the poster, the invitation comes in a custom branded shipping tube with an included paper ticket.

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