Tanner Ashton Leslie - Interdisciplinary Design

Eero Saarinen Event Invite


  • Mailable invitation
  • Street signage 


Following research into 3D artists/creators such as sculptors, architects, and industrial designers, I was tasked with developing a concept for a physical invitation for the renowned architect, Eero Saarinen (1910 – 1961), known for his neo-futuristic style, sweeping curves, and defined shapes. The architect of structures such as Washington Dulles International Airport, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and the former JFK TWA Terminal deserved an architectural showcase event, and that is what my project focused on after careful consideration.

My project defined the event as an architectural showcase of Saarinen's work at Los Angeles' Architecture + Design Museum, on January 5th, 2018. It would be a cocktails served, black tie, VIP opening event. Recipients of this invitation would be the only guests allowed to attend.

This invitation features a reveal-folding accordion design which exposes panels of the design as it is removed from the 3.5x6.5" custom printed coin envelope. The opening panel presents a proud wash of orange, with the host museum's 'A+D' logo. Following this there are four folded panels with reverse fold extruding panels that showcase some of Saarinen's finest designs and the plans for them. A slotted, removable ticket is revealed next, followed finally by the concluding info panel. This last panel gives details for the event. On the reverse side, a portrait of Saarinen and a short bio.

The invitation was printed on low-cost but quality paper, understanding the budget constraints of such a mass-produced print design. Hammermill text weight paper was used for folding sections to allow for flexibility while Hammermill 80# cardstock was used for the opening and closing panels as well as the removable ticket.

In the end, I produced a dimensional physical invitation that was tailored to Eero Saarinen's style and work. The invite provides moments of suspense and excitement when opening through its physical attributes. A tangible satisfaction is achieved through the pop-up panels, physical removable ticket, and overall structure. Not only can the invitation be stood on a table, but it also is designed to work well as a hanging poster or banner. When the ticket is removed, a simple text line reads, "I Went."

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