a manifesto

Furthering my study of waste and impermanence, I engaged into an investigation of the disposed through film photography and book-making. With a deep curiosity for things that we leave behind, forget, abandon, I went out in search of trash across the city of Harrisonburg, VA. My goal was to create a thoughtful manifesto of the discarded.


I took my Olympus OM-1 film SLR with me, loaded with Kodak TRI-X 400 film, and took photos of discarded trash. I put a focus on taking photos that were contemplative, poetic, and deep — beyond just a raw documentation.

The film was developed using tradition darkroom methods, and printed on ILFORD Glossy RC paper. A handmade book was created using bare-bones construction (Binder rings, industrial card stock, a "latch" to secure the book closed). Maps were printed, photos attached, and maps traced. Traced lines on maps represent connections from the destination of such trash to possible sources. 

'Smothered' image with data sheet and traced map.


"Data Sheets" were created which include information such as 'location,' 'material,' and 'former use.' Information was hand written on transparencies and then used as negatives through which ILFORD RC paper was exposed, creating the inverted effect seen in detail images above and below.

Using Format