coalition of united student activists (CUSA)


  • concept
  • research + data collection
  • brand identity
  • infographic design
  • booklet design
  • projection
  • print production


Using a bold yellow accent color, sturdy typography, and no-nonsense marketing styles, CUSA positions itself as a respectable and friendly, yet prominent force in activism.

The promo kit includes a pack of 3 notebooks–a partnership with Field Notes®. These notebooks include fold-outs featuring infographics on student activism, pages with resources and details on rights, and a tear out safety card. Also included: a custom pencil, a fold out poster that asks "What's your move?", and stickers.

A guerrilla marketing campaign involving building projections was tested. Slides with statistics on student activism and calls to action were digitally projected at night onto large buildings. This tactic creates a type of hyper-visible pop-up billboard that can be set up by anyone with access to a laptop and projector. 

Together, the brand and this promo kit make accessible the tools and knowledge necessary to make your voice heard for anyone that wants to create social change.

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