Tanner Ashton Leslie - Interdisciplinary Design

Coalition of United Student Activists


  • "FIELD NOTES" inspired promotional booklet
  • Brand deck
  • Guerrilla marketing concept


This project spanned many areas and took me outside my comfort zone. I worked to develop a complete brand identity for CUSA (Coalition of United Student Activists), a cohort aiming at providing students and youth with the opportunities and support needed to engage in healthy and safe protests. A logo was developed based on the image of someone holding a sign above their head. 

A concept for a collaborative promo between CUSA and Field Notes was designed. This was a set of 3 packaged memo books meant for taking with oneself to a rally or protest, which included promotional material, infographics on student activism over the years, stickers, and emergency resources.

As a final addendum to the project, I developed a set of projections to prototype a guerrilla style of advertising to be used in larger cities for CUSA. I tested the prototypes in the early morning hours on campus, projecting the brand and motivating messages about student activism from a window in JMU's Duke Hall onto an adjacent, larger building.

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