Tanner Ashton Leslie - Interdisciplinary Design



A GRPH306 project at JMU. CONTEXTURE is a revitalization and reimagination of a student run and student featuring literary and arts magazine on campus. From mockup to concept to type study to design and to production, this project was an intensive dive into print publication from beginning to end.

The Content

Nine artists and three writers were featured in this issue of CONTEXTURE. Two featured artists, with unique half-width pages for artist profiles and a full bleed portrait are included in every issue. A 4 page full color section rests in the middle, replicating a budget constraint while using it as an advantage and beauty piece.

The last page of the color section and "Holodeckitis."

The Features

The covers are printed on Mohawk Britehue Vellum Ultra Lava, this same stock is also used for the half-width featured artist pages. This punchy color gave the zine real character and visual impact in an organic and honest way. Interior pages are printed on Mohawk Via Satin Pure White, a 118gsm stock that feels like pure silk in the hand, yet sturdy and unafraid. Saddle stitched with 1/2" stainless staples.

An experimental approach was taken for the typographic design and layout of this magazine. This angle was both a liberation for the process and also a challenge. Tracked out headings, bleeding edges, dropped letterforms, blown-up supertype, and other features were used for a creative direction that felt expressive and fresh, yet unobtrusive to the content featured.

Using Format