aslan brewing company


  • research
  • design
  • screenprinting
  • laser-cutting
  • production


Aslan Brewing Company is a beer brewery located in Bellingham, WA. They are known for their sustainable practices in production, employment, and customer service. Recognized for this, they are listed as an official "B" Corporation.

A social sustainability report was the task. I set out to create a physical booklet that exhibited the personality of the brazen Washington brewery while also impressing the extent to which Aslan cares for its product, consumers, employees, and the environment.

A unique, sturdy double fold-over binding and front/back covers of 2mm thick chipboard set the tone for the piece. Aslan's logo silhouette was laser-cut into the front cover. A strong heading font and delicate slab serif body font help to reinforce a modern and hip tone to the language.

Full-bleed, bright imagery with an optimistic tone is used throughout, placed in containers with steep angles, symbolizing the dynamic and forward thinking leadership of Aslan.

In the middle of the booklet, a four-page-wide fold out info graphic details the brewing process from start to finish, highlighting sustainable practices throughout.

The booklet was produced with environmentally friendly inks and materials, post-consumer paper, and is entirely recyclable.

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